• Easier Build Management
  • Better Apps Distribution
Shuttle is the missing piece at the end of your CI/CD that lets you push Android and iOS apps to both internal and external users.


From any mobile user to any developer, Shuttle is simple for everyone.


Shuttle can fit within any workflow and integrate to whatever sits in your infrastructure.


Open to the Core, Shuttle will soon be available for everyone.
Community comes first!


Apps Distribution
Deploy to both Android and iOS easily
See all your apps and environment data at a glance
Fit in any workflow
API Access
Integrate Shuttle with anything
Teams Management & Access Levels
Administrators, Developers, Viewers
Users Synchronization
Replication of your existing user base
SSO Integration
Centralized authentication



Following some of our customers and partners requests, we are actively working on a SaaS offering of Shuttle.

Today we are running a Private Beta program with a limited number of Shuttle instances.

To get access to the program, please register via the form below. We will review your request and reach out as soon as possible.

Open Source

Originally, Shuttle was an internal tool only but we've decided to make it open source so that anyone in the community can benefit from it.

We've also pushed the development of the product a bit further than our own use case by making it more flexible and compatible with other systems.

Obviously, this is a work in progress and we would be happy for any feedback or contribution.

Case studies

In a Consultancy Team

You are like us, a small team that builds its own products and delivers a ton to different customers at different stages of the development cycle (Development, Beta Testing, Production…) but has no suitable tool to ship your work easily…

In a Product Team

You lead the development team of a digital company with a single mobile product. But, “single product” doesn’t mean “single version”: between production, testing, development or R&D, etc., you end up maintaining dozens of different builds and no easy way to manage or to deploy them…

In a Mobility Unit

You are the Mobility Head of a large company with fragmented teams in different geos. They all run their own infrastructure and development cycle based on the apps they ship, the technology choices they make and the business needs they have to answer…


Shuttle documentation is available on docs.shuttle.tools

To get technical support, you can:

If you need commercial support, please contact us at contact@shuttle.tools