Simplify your
daily apps

Distribute and manage your mobile apps, all from one place.

A powerful platform,
easy to use


All your mobile apps on the same platform, so you can view all the versions at a glance, check download statistics and control what is provided to your users.


Enhance collaboration between your teams and/or customers by easily delivering the latest builds. No more apps sent via email: unify and control your distribution.


Organize your users in teams with different access levels, with a public or private visibility: remain in control of your apps and get some metrics about your users' activity.
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Fitting your workflow,
no matter the framework

React Native
No matter the language or framework used by your team to build your iOS and Android apps, you can easily distribute your .apk and .ipa files with Shuttle. Your workflow just gets better!

One tool,
many use cases

In a Development Studio

You are like us: a small team that builds its own products and delivers a ton of builds to different customers at different stages of the development cycle (Development, Beta Testing, Production, etc.). However, you are still lacking a suitable tool to ship your work easily…

In a Product Team

You lead the development team of a digital company with a single mobile product. But, “single product” doesn’t mean “single version”: between production, testing, development or R&D, etc., you end up maintaining dozens of different builds and no easy way to manage or to deploy them…

In a Mobility Unit

You are the head of a Mobility unit in a large company. Your different teams operate their own infrastructure and have their own development cycle. You don’t have a centralized overview of what they release and when they do before it goes to production in your internal EMM App catalog…

SaaS & Open Source


Shuttle is available in SaaS version with a 30-days Free Trial, so that you can explore before adopting it in your apps production cycle.

The hosting of the solution and the maintenance are our concern, just enjoy Shuttle!

You will also be able to access extended functionalities and services depending on your use of Shuttle in terms of apps, users and options.

Let's have a look at our Pricing Grid for more information.

Open Source

Sharing with the community is one of our founding values.

We believe opening the core of the product to the community is a guarantee of quality and adaptability but also ensures the durability of the solution for everyone.

As we move on and the product evolves, new features will come enrich the Open Source distribution.

Shuttle Community Edition will be available on GitHub.

and contact

To know more about how Shuttle works, check out the documentation.

To get technical support, join the team on our public Slack workspace.

If you need commercial support, contact H2G Lab at